Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Your best equipment is your mind.

October 2005 - FujiFilm Sensia 100
The photo above took weeks to create.  I was working on seventh floor of a ten story building just west of downtown about a block from Loyola Law School.  The skyscraper on the left side of the image is 1100 Wilshire, and it was vacant at the time.  The lights were therefore always off.  When the sun would set and night fell, my photos of the skyline were cursed with 1100 being completely dark.  Through weeks of observing and writing down the times of the sunset and dusk, I determined that I had only a five minute window to get the shot you now see.  

The shot started in my mind, in my dreams, many years prior. When the time was right, I rushed to the roof with my Nikon N80, my trusty 50mm 1.8 AFD, and a Manfrotto Tripod.  In all, I had only about $400 worth of equipment, plus a roll of FujiFilm Sensia.  Even though I have been blessed with now being able to have much more expensive, and sophisticated gear, it is this shot that constantly reminds me that my best equipment is my mind, my vision, and God's talent.  

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