Thursday, May 10, 2012

Randy's Donuts

January 2011 - Nikon D200, f/8, 3.2 sec ISO 100
Rany's Donuts is a Los Angeles icon.  It is located on Manchester Blvd. about four miles from the Los Angeles International Airport.  When I was a struggling student living on my own, I lived close to it.  I remember one penny pinching night walking there to buy what would be my "groceries" for a few days to tie me over before my next paycheck.  My menu... a dozen glazed donuts for $3.99. It's not situated in a particularly nice part of town. So, when I went back to shoot this many many years later, I rushed the photo. Of course, I bought a dounut and hot coffee, then asked the attendant if she would let me take a photo of the building

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