Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Follow the leader

September 2010 - Nikon D80 / 70-300 VR, ISO 1000 f/5, 1/125th, Spot Metering
This was shot from the grandstands at the L.A. County Fair Rodeo. The row of palms trees was a fair distance away (don't ask me how far, I am very bad with distances).  I spot metered on the head of one of the palms in order to expose for a silhouette and released the shutter when I saw the VR settle the image in my viewfinder.  The f/5 selection was actually a compromise, but I knew that I would have the benefit of at least one less shutter speed stop afforded by the VR. I have since sold that lens in favor of the 80-200 2.8, but must admit that I occasionally miss the VR.

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